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september 2019, southwark playhouse

by chloe moss

directed by charlotte peters

how love is spelt

How Love Is Spelt - Ali Wright-52.jpg

“She wanted spontaneity, adventure… I said I can be spontaneous… I just need a little bit of time to plan.”

Peta is new in town and ready for whatever London has to throw at her. She’s looking for romance, for friendship, for exciting people to lead her on big adventures. But being an independent woman in the new millennium isn’t easy, especially when there’s a constant reminder of the life you’re trying to escape. 

With each new encounter, Peta flirts with what might have been, but has the journey to London put enough distance between her and her past?

This is the first major revival of this fascinating and funny play from Susan Smith Blackburn Prize-winning playwright Chloe Moss (This Wide Night, Soho Theatre; Dickensian, BBC) which was first produced at Bush Theatre in 2004. How Love Is Spelt is directed by Charlotte Peters (Associate Director War Horse, UK Tour and An Inspector Calls, West End).

The Stage Delicate, dreamlike, yet keenly observed, the subdued, intentionally slow-moving script has      lost none of its potency since its 2004 premiere.

Broadway World Through Charlotte Peters' assured and sensitive direction, we are taken on a          conveyor belt of emotions.

Dress Circle Antics Larner Wallace-Taylor is a revelation as Peta. She remains on stage for the entire duration of the play and she provides an astonishingly nuanced and multilayered performance as the conflicted Peta.

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