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by my strength

a new play by Laura Stevens

"I don't go out in public in my
uniform, people whisper and stare and point... you're the freak, the one who wanted to be a soldier."

Kat wanted to belong, so she joined the Army. After all, it's the ultimate test of who you are and what you stand for... Only in Afghanistan, it's not always that simple.


By My Strength is a gripping new work by Bruntwood finalist Laura Stevens, exploring the inner-most thoughts of a 'normal girl' figuring out her identity as woman - soldier - girlfriend -  gun-lover before, during and after her time as a soldier in Afghanistan.

"a tour de force performance"

Female Arts

"a fascinating piece of writing"

British Theatre Guide

"so lively and engaging that this 80 minute play seems over too soon... a marvellously sustained performance"

British Theatre Guide

"Through the direction of Peters, the writing of Stevens and the stellar performance of Wallace-Taylor, we're privy to a piece of compelling theatre"

Female Arts

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