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the mouth of a shark

march 2018, vault festival

by dan pick

directed by charlotte peters

THE MOUTH OF A SHARK Photography by Ali Wright

The immigrants have gone.

Now it’s our turn to leave.

After EU nationals are deported back to their home countries, peaceful protests are met with violence that surges through the streets of London.  Parliament is on lockdown as Britain is plunged into a state of emergency.  This poignant and dystopian take on post-Brexit Britain follows the journey of one woman, desperately forced to fight for her family and freedoms.

Writer Dan Pick (BBC Writers’ Room) deftly examines what it takes to leave your home in the knowledge that you can never return. Directed by Charlotte Peters (dir. Birdsong UK Tour 2018, Resident Director on War Horse), this gripping drama will swell your heart and stir your conscience.


Photography by Ali Wright

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